Web responsives si vols ser visible

    Web responsives si vols ser visible

    Web responsives si vols ser visible. Google announced two changes affecting search results on mobile devices, a better aesthetic character, and another focused on improving the user experience when they consume content on mobile or tablet.

    D'a band, Google will remove the tag “mobile-friendly” with which so far identified on the websites specially optimized for small screens; for other gang, the company will begin to penalize those sites that hinder navigation content – especially those that show a pop-up or interstitial hides the content or dark, making it inaccessible to the user.

    Google began to give special importance to pages that adapt perfectly to mobile end 2014, with the introduction of a label that distinguishes them as such in the results of a research conducted from a mobile device.

    A few months later, a l'April 2015, Google announced that this adjustment will be considered for classification in this web search results, and in May this year to further strengthen the weight of this criterion.

    Now according to Google, he 85% Web pages are already adapted to mobile, Tag becoming redundant, so the company has decided to dispense it to maintain a clean and clear design. Google recalls, yes, the criterion of adaptability to mobile remains important in deciding the ranking of a website.

    Responsive website if you want to be visible war against intrusive advertising on mobile

    The most important change is regarding the use of pop-ups and interstitials in the mobile version of a web page: it is those windows that appear on content, hiding or obscuring it, and prevent access to content.

    Google believes such practices is frustrating for the user, because it prevents access to content from a search result, and sometimes a phone is particularly difficult to touch the button to close these windows. That's why, from January 2017, Google will penalize a worst ranking in its search results all websites that use this type of pop.

    Per contra, There are some types of pop-ups like these do not affect the ranking of the website if, by Google, s'usen responsibly. It is cases like popups that meet legal requirements, notice how cookies or checking the age of the user, or the small window that invites installed·Install the app that is related to the web visitor, and appear in both Safari and Chrome.

    Likewise, Google points out that this criterion is only one more of the hundreds taken into account when deciding the ranking of websites in search results. I to, always with, The purpose of this research remains one of the most important – and the fact that the content


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