Social networks

    Social networks

    These new brand communication

    Social networks

    New strategies in brand communication

    ApuntServeis great importance to search engine rankings, is one of the most important challenges in the aim of promoting and marketing rural tourism.
    This is to properly manage the resources in order to appear in major search engines in the best position to facilitate the interest of potential buyers and users of our services.
    In terms of Tourism Marketing and Social Media for Rural Tourism, This methodology is needed. ApuntRural considered as a starting point aquets all parameters in order to diagnose a reality that gives us the starting point to define the minimum performances for a plan with optimal actions to improve traffic, facilitate the visibility of our website and the dissemination of our product.


    We need a strategy in order to manage your public profile, as well as the interaction with customers through social media.

    Social strategies involve a series of marketing skills, familiarity with blogging, all kinds of social networks and online management.

    The main aspect in our team is working under the orders of Social Media Strategist, is to help your business to develop a Social Marketing Plan, coherent i flexible.


    Social networks have become a great showcase, are the perfect place to interact with our buyers, and those who still are not. A good strategy, based on the work of a professional team specialized, can provide excellent·good results. Manager Comunnity Our services are designed for maximum effectiveness of their campaigns to social networks, propose two services, but the better we do custom.


    The Community Manager manages online communities Company, the aim is to promote inter-communal feeling of a positive brand, especially among clients, employees and partners.

    They publish original content block, videos, web, etc
    Respond to customers complaints or concerns about brand
    Dufunden news business community.
    The Community Manager is the brand ambassador and his face to the public.

    Companies that increase the visibility of your brand to social networks

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    Users of Social Networks ready to buy brands that follow.

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    Social networks

    Facebook has more than 750 million users worldwide and offers a much larger market than traditional media, but also demonstrates a new stage full of challenges unknown. It is an important place where we must be, either as a user or from a research perspective, but this alone is not enough. How can Facebook to promote your brand, products and services?
    Twitter is the tool most used social world to “microblogging”, in other words that is, post short text messages to a group of followers. In a very short time, has experienced amazing growth and the number of users increases for uses according: there are over 200 million accounts opened. Its growing popularity means that Twitter is used in all kinds of social strategies: broadcasting of lectures and presentations to which few people have access, exchange of views during an event in which people attend to public, Discuss debates, and even for interviews.
    The Summer 2011 Google+ comes to light, A social network created by Google initiates its expansion in a very studied in solid Internet presence. With a clear policy to lead this field, not easy now, his great competitor has, to this day a great asset, its critical mass of users, Google, Join other hand the power of the most used search engine worldwide.
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    Social networks have brought a revolution in many aspects, not only in terms of leisure but also in the professional. LinkedIn is today the leading social network contacts, has more than 100 million users worldwide, including senior executives worldwide and US President. every second, a person is recorded LinkedIn. But the technology is just a tool.

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