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    New communication channels gigital

    Aim Training, The constant challenge in’ currently online. We must be attentive to the Marketing and Social Media.

    Since the implementation of social networks, online communities and websites 2.0, generates a new form of communication. Cal modular, define and manage our digital identity. A new figure that complements the policy of Marketing and Social Media, the Community Manager.

    who, what, and how we need to build and moderating the information generated by our audience on the network and what tools can be managed.

    The figure of the Community Manager is the junction enters our company, brand, products and services and a community network, is who manages, defense and leads our identity based on political marketing and Social Media.

    Our communication must be performed properly, This is the great challenge.

    ApuntServeis offers a selection of seminars and talks from the following fields:

    – online marketing

    – Social networks

    – Community Manager

    Each of these areas has a relationship seminar title to show for your guidance. These samples are likely to modify and customize from the public that must be addressed.

    – Number of participants,

    – place ,

    – Profile of participants,

    – sponsor,

    Digital Marketing Training

    + marketing training

    Google Plus Training

    + Google Plus Training

    training Facebook

    + training Facebook

    Twitter training

    + Twitter training

    Community Training Manger

    + Community Manager Training

    training Linkedin

    + training Linkedin

    Education is the basis of good management

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