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    The Web

    Most important of all online strategy

    The Web

    The cornerstone of your brand

    ApuntServeis, aware that your website is a reflection of your business card presentation of your products and services placed at your disposal together with the technical and marketing a good basis to ensure you a good Internet presence.

    ApuntServeis website offers clear, professional design exclusive content managers where you can self-manage it and it will provide absolute compatibility between browsers and will most likely ensure your optimal positioning in major search engines.


    Your brand deserves

    The contents are the most important, image, correct structuring, your services, tot plegat fa que calgui una bona planificació per aconseguir trasmetre al vostre client la realitat del que oferim

    + autogestionables websites


    .WITH / . NET / . CAT

    Any name is not the best, up there all we have, valorem propostes optimes per la millor visibilitat de la teva marca i gestionem el registre i renovació dels teus dominis.

    + Hosting i Dominis


    The best hosting for your website

    Leave your car in any new llocel? The hosting is not just a requirement for your website, hosting is the choice that many have not appreciated the extent of its importance. deixa’t assessorar.

    Hosting i Dominis

    We need a new website or upgrade what you have?

    See how your site is health

    web services

    Current Analysis web

    Technically assess whether your current website can be a valuable tool based on the needs and goals.

    Domain Registration

    We study what is the best domain for your brand from the competition. propose options and register the domain.

    Hosting Service

    We host your website on servers located in the professionals’ about your potential client in order to better visibility.

    self-managed web

    design, plan and build a new platform based on the new criteria and trends in digital marketing.

    We optimize the site for search engines

    Based on the new website design and content strategies necessary to be visible to search engines based on the search criteria that is previously’ have defined.

    webs responsives

    Webs prepared for mobile devices and within the standards required by the new algorithms to be visible in Google searches.

    How we work?

    The main feature of our web page is that are constructed on the ???? structure ???? a content management system (CMS). Specifically on the structure Worpress ????. This will provide the client with the tools enough to change the content of your page for a simple way ????, clear and intuitive.
    The self-manage corporate Web Service is designed for companies who need a website to make themselves known to the Internet so you can expand your business.

    "Responsive Web Design" is the current trend in Web design, since this type of designs that allow a website which suits the device is navigating. This concept is very important, since the Web traffic from mobile devices or tablets, every day is greater.

    This service is aimed at any company, store or organization interested in having to ???? an electronic trading platform that enables increased sales while improving its Internet presence.

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