Do you know what information you know about Facebook?

    Do you know what information you know about Facebook?

    1. placement
    2. age
    3. generation
    4. gender
    5. language
    6. educational level
    7. Area studies
    8. Col·laws
    9. ethnic affinity
    10. Make the assets
    11. Land and housing type
    12. Value housing
    13. Size of the house
    14. Square meters of housing
    15. Year in which the house was built
    16. Household composition
    17. Users new relationships
    18. Your birthday and anniversary
    19. If you are away from your family or hometown
    20. Birthday of friends, committed, friends who have recently moved
    21. Users in long distance relationships
    22. Users with new works
    23. recent couples
    24. users boyfriends
    25. Users who just moved
    26. Users with a birthday coming
    27. parents
    28. Parents waiting for a baby
    29. Mares, divided by “types” (Sports, Fashion, etc.)
    30. If you are likely to participate in politics
    31. Conservatives and liberals
    32. State your relationship
    33. For those who work
    34. industry
    35. professional title
    36. Type Office
    37. interests
    38. Amos Motorcycle
    39. If you plan to buy a car (what kind, marca i quan)
    40. If you buy parts or car accessory recently
    41. If you are likely to need parts or service cars
    42. Style and brand of car you drive
    43. Year of car buying
    44. Old car
    45. How much money can you spend on your next car
    46. Where the user is likely to buy another car
    47. How many employees has your company
    48. Small business owners
    49. Users are working in management or executive
    50. If you've given to charity (divided by type)
    51. operating system
    52. If you play on Facebook
    53. Own a video game console
    54. Creators of events on Facebook
    55. If you have made payments to Facebook
    56. If you've spent more than the average Facebook
    57. Administrators of Facebook pages
    58. If you upload photos to Facebook recently
    59. D'Internet browser
    60. Email service
    61. Late or early adopters of technology
    62. expatriates (divided by country of which come)
    63. If you belong to a credit union, national or regional bank
    64. investors (and type of investment)
    65. Number of credit lines
    66. If you have active credit cards
    67. Type of credit card
    68. Debit card users
    69. If you keep a balance on your credit card fixed
    70. Users who listen to the radio
    71. Preference TV
    72. Mobile device users (divided by brand)
    73. Type of Internet connection
    74. Users who have recently acquired a mobile device
    75. Users who access the Internet from a mobile device
    76. Users who use coupons or discounts
    77. Types of clothing that you use in your home
    78. Time of the year when you buy more
    79. On regular beer, wine or spirits
    80. Users who buy groceries (and what kind)
    81. Users who buy beauty products
    82. Users who buy drugs
    83. Users who spend money on products for the home
    84. Users who spend money on products for children or pets
    85. Users who buy online
    86. Tipus of restaurants that frequent
    87. Type in the store buying
    88. users “receptive” to them ofertes
    89. How long did you live in your home
    90. Users likely to move soon
    91. Interested in Olympic Games, football and Ramadan
    92. If you travel frequently (Work or pleasure)
    93. If you scroll to work
    94. Type of holiday which even go
    95. If you recently returned from a trip
    96. If you use a travel app
    97. Si tens una multipropietat
    98. If you have pets or children, and tend to spend a lot of money on them

    Do you know what information you know about Facebook? Now you know.

    little joke, only advice, procura llegir be les polítiques de privacitat dels deus comptes a la xarxa.


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