Google PENGUIN new challenge in SEO

    Google Penguin new challenge in SEO

    Com ja estem acostumats Google ha anunciat que tindrem pròximament una nova actualització de Google Penguin, so we must be prepared. We say the steps you need to take to counter the possible effects of this update!

    Google PENGUIN new challenge in SEO

    Google Penguin Google algorithm is the main aim is to prevent unnatural links generated to improve the positioning of a web page. For this, analyzes all web searching for suspicious links and penalizes those that have opted for this type of.

    Google Penguin cnot to forget that the Page Rank, with which to measure the popularity of a website and considers inbound links as a vote of confidence in our other web, is one of the factors that influence SEO, that is why the links are so important.

    But, What is the difference between this update Google Penguin and other? As it turns out now, Penguin act in real time, in other words that is, before when it launched a new algorithm, reviewed the profiles of links every time you refreshed and changed version, but now his task to develop steadily, so go find backlinks according toxic penalties also will be performing algorithmic.

    With can prepare us perGoogle Penguin 4.0.?
    In first place, We carry out a continuous audit of links to avoid hitting us Google Penguin, before only thing we did when it announced a new update.

    Tot i, the positive is that the constant task of the algorithm also will remain under penalties, since it will take little time to realize that we have eliminated certain toxic links. This is great news for many businesses who suffered the consequences of Google Penguin before and had to wait for months, suffering numerous losses, to regain its position in the ranking.


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