The video the challenge of online marketing to be implemented


    The video the challenge of online marketing to be implemented

    Facebook knows, especially because every day Visionen a million videos on its platform. And if a few weeks ago launched Bonfire multiple application video call, now surprises its millions of users Creator, an application dedicated to video creation platform. There is no doubt, 2018 was in the video.

    Facebook allows developers and businesses to connect with a potential audience of more than 2.000 millions of users and potential customers, Live talk through with their fans and even earn revenue through branded content or content marketing.

    “We understand that the creators have specific needs and are committed to helping them to grow their community”, say from Facebook. And why have Creator, an application to help video creators to manage their presence on the platform and a website where artists can get the resources and support needed to improve and grow.

    Facebook Creator

    This application is a one stop shop for artists of all kinds, also for those who work to promote the image of your hotel. With this application, You can easily create original videos, issued online and connect with your community on Facebook, everything from mobile. These are some of its features:

    Live Creative Kit

    These tools facilitate the creation of live broadcasts with a personalized touch and fun. Creators can add intros opening their live broadcasts and outros (closures) when completed. They can also include tags that viewers can use to interact and make their own to create a unique brand image.

    Camcorders & Stories

    You can use fun effects and frames chamber, and easily share with other platforms. Creators can also access Facebook Stories to interact with his fans.


    Easily access the metrics to get reports on your creations, including statistics on your page, videos and fans.

    The application was launched this week and next to iOS Android users will also. The app is available both for use in personal profiles and business pages, in other words that is, you can use it to promote your perfect hotel.

    Three content marketing techniques useful for tourist accommodation

    Much is being talked about in recent weeks the importance of content marketing in the hotel industry, and there is no doubt that this technology is here to stay. The reason is simple: if done correctly, content can viralizar so that reach thousands, if not millions, potential customers.

    Per tant, hotel chains, but especially independent hotels, must invest in content marketing, since only a durable and constant investment will bring the expected results.

    We leave some considerations if you have a holiday you can go very well.

    1. Put a face book

    how many hotels, campsites, apartaments turístics o turismes rurals hi ha al seu entorn? És important humanitzar el vostre negoci, in other words that is, put a face to reach the eyes of the consumer. Many hoteliers believe that content marketing is not working, but the only problem is that they are offering content is full of shameless promotion.

    2. Construeix una comunitat

    What is your immediate environment that makes it different? We must translate it into your web, as the final flourish to help their own community, while, your neighbors will see him favorably, as the economic engine that needs your environment. To sum up, the aim is to create community.



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