Consultants companies and tourism. What we can offer?

    digital marketing, Social Media, Community Manager, Web design and optimization consultancy and tourism companies

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    Your digital marketing consultant and Social Media. We are consultants !

    who som? what we do?

    Consultants companies and tourism

    ApuntServeis is the result of the passion for tourism, the constant changes in channels and ways of marketing tourism enterprises and the conviction to place at your disposal the experience of more than 25 years in this exciting sector. Experts in Tourism Marketing and Social Media. You heard: CONVERSION, SEO, LOYALTY, LONG TAIL, VALUE OFFER, SEARCH ENGINES, ROBOTS, SEM, POSITIONING, ANALYTICAL, BENCHMARKING, ALEXA, PAGERANK, GOOGLE MAPS, KING, TAGS, SITEMAP, DIRECTORY, WEB 2.0, SOCIAL MEDIA, ONLINE REPUTATION, COMMUNITY MANAGER … ApuntServeis, company specializing in Tourism Marketing and Social Media, wants to offer so clear and understandable keys and formulas to optimize your website on the Internet. Since Garrotxa, and our experience in the tourism sector, we put our resources at your service. Based on a clear methodology, and a personalized analysis of each case, I advise you to optimize your resources and to define a plan of action that allows you to enhance your presence and your booking volume. No easy task, and many are increasingly struggling to achieve these same goals, ara baby, if tourist establishments are committed to a project study results will be fulfilling, as-hi?

    Consultants companies and tourism

    ApuntServeis offers five distinct lines of services, ApuntRural, dedicated to the world of rural tourism houses, ApuntHotels, specialized in family hotels, ApuntEmpreses, designed for small and medium enterprises, ApuntFormació, and offers training , courses, seminars and lectures and ApuntCommunity, specializing in the management and revitalization of Social Networks. Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting us! Coinciding with the expectations of our clients? Improve your online presence? Improve communication? Differentiate yourself from the competition? Improve your image? You'll find the answer in online tourism marketing and management of Social Media’ ApuntServeis. Dons, as-hi!

    digital marketing

    Optimize your brand online

    The visibility of your brand in search engines is the starting point to be known, manage this process is the key to a good political online marketing. Implement strategies from lead, consumers and our brand segments based on our values ​​and competition.

    + online marketing

    Social networks

    Listen and connect with your customers

    Forget all about the management of communities and social networks. We take care of everything, positioning your business and represent it in the online world. Social Networking communication, videos and images are new tools to convey our brand content for digital consumers..

    + Social networks

    Community Manager

    Optimally manage your digital media

    From your implementation of your brand in social networks, virtual communities and your web 2.0, should generate a good policy in your communication. We must manage this communication real key client and potential client thinking and interact with our consumer generated content.

    + Community Manager

    autogestionables web

    Save and manage your content

    All websites are equal? Which it is a web 2.0? What vol dir “responsive”? New trends and new key marketing have created new forms of communication to be implemented on your site.

    + Web Design Optimization


    Gain insight into new digital tools

    Since the implementation of social networks, online communities and websites 2.0, generates a new form of communication. Using new tools for proper key is to communicate with our fans

    + ICT training

    Search engine optimization

    It works by having a visible mark on the Internet

    Everyone would be in the best positions in research, a challenge that many brands are struggling and that a clear methodology, directed and controlled by Millot win your visibility options.

    website optimization

    We accompany you in your activities online

    Digital marketing specialists, Community manager and search engine positioning. Asessorem companies and generate strategies.

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