Know the trends in tourism marketing 2018 Business consultants ApuntServeis

    Know the trends in tourism marketing 2018 Business consultants ApuntServeis

    Know the trends in tourism marketing 2018 the latest trends in online marketing, looking for new opportunities to generate more direct bookings.

    These are, included in the infographic Net Affinity, the 18 Crucial trends marketing tourism establishments should consider ahead 2018:

    Know the trends in tourism marketing 2018

    1.- The rise chatbot: 2018 will be the year of the chatbot. Chats on hotel websites are designed to increase participation and improve interaction with potential customers as a new sales channel.

    2.- The new form of video: Video content has been reduced to fragments of six seconds bumper Youtube ads. And it is just the beginning, making it the ideal format to provide a memorable message Hotel. Net Affinity for this from recommend that hoteliers use video content that you have to divide it into multiple fragments by six different campaigns.

    3.- Voice Searches: The voice-controlled device market is growing rapidly. In fact already 40% research using adult voice at least once a day. In 2018 hoteliers must adapt their SEO strategies to pass the voice search interface as a primary, ensuring that your website has the keywords within a content rich in detail.

    4.- Search results prioritizing mobile websites are already here: Provide search results by prioritizing the mobile web will be fully implemented 2018, which means that for hoteliers have adapted to access a page from a mobile device should be a priority in terms of SEO.

    5.- The end of cookies?: No longer believe that cookies are the key to providing customers relevant offers and messages considered objective. Instead hoteliers should see ads based on native and marketing to reach people effectively to real users and track their behavior across multiple devices. Will we see in 2018 the end of cookies?

    6.- Impact of the new European regulation on data protection in their collection: He 2018 all companies in the European Union, including hotel, must implement new strategies to process, store and use the data for its guests and accepting strict new GDPR.

    7.- Augmented reality is changing consumer marketing: Augmented reality is the ability to integrate digital data in a real time experience in changing the view that the user has the physical environment. This offers the guest a great opportunity to interact with the hotel, which facilitates collecting more data.

    8.- native advertising, the new trend of digital marketing advertising content based on that respect the user experience: The native ads are more common in advertising on social networks and is expected to surpass the old advertising formats hotels 2018. More than half of consumers who click on these ads intend to buy something.

    9.- Long-tail keywords: The integrated search key phrases of three or more words, more specific, costs are an effective way to direct qualified traffic to the hotel website, so from Net Affinity recommend incorporating the content of the page as part of the strategy of inbound hotel, to achieve easy profits in research-based consultation.

    10.- Social media management tools that save time: Through social networks, forums and feedback from customers increasingly share their experiences online and it is important that hoteliers are above them. To suggest that the same sources in use 2018 freeware and inexpensive as NewsWhip, Social Booster i Sprout Social.

    11.- Next level of customization: Now that 86% Traveler assesses personalized offers, is becoming a more expectation 2018 at one end for most consumers. To be fair, capture customer data is not an easy task and its use for the customer should avoid any privacy issues.

    12.- Facebook Ads Canvas: Net Affinity advise to take into 2018 recent products such ads. The first is a location-based tool that allows hoteliers go to users based on their offline activities; the second is the set of three templates Canvas Collection where marketers can download their own assets to create ads.

    13.- Social networks, The new search engine: Many consumers jump Google, when they perform a search and instead do it on their social media networks. To ensure that hoteliers should include relevant hashtags in your posts so that users can find the setting in their networks.

    14.- Intel·artificial intelligence to improve customer relations: The intel·artificial intelligence is enabling hotels to do amazing things, from creating user experiences hiperpersonalizadas to identify new revenue opportunities. This technology promotes innovation and growth distillery·Installing and turning information into patterns of behavior initiatives that call for action.

    15.- Tecnologia block chain: Blockchain is the buzzword in the industry, but not all the problems have been solved yet. The most obvious is to use this technology for online transactions, but almost certainly also be used for identification and personalization in tourism marketing. With its potential to capture data and provide marketing one-to-one with clients, must heed 2018.

    16.- Action bars, Action or bars: They took over from pop, known pop, since the 2017 Google penalized for hotels search results for use. This change appears to remain in 2018 by eliminating overlaps and pop negative treatment by Google.

    17.- AMP raises speed web: The project AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Google shows that the average doubling time spent on the web, plus increased 20% conversion rate with respect to pages that do not have it, so from Net Affinity hoteliers ask that they ensure that your site loads fast.

    18.- connected devices (IOT): The hotel sector technology internet of things (IOT) is already having its impact both in interactions with consumers as hotel management, with the provision that the 2020 are connected 20.800 million things. The possibilities are endless: Real-time feedback Room, keyless access and control of the television and the thermostat to the customer.


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